Example Defiant Object: Beacon

Beacon by Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead

Beacon is a continuous relay of live web searches as they are being made around the world that has been running since 2005. There are several different versions of this work: a gallery version, using data projections, a ‘railway flap’ installation shown in various locations (which adds the distinctive flapping sound of the sign to the piece) and an online version.  Showing is a screenshot from the online version that I captured a while back.  There are images and video of the various installations on their website: http://www.thomson-craighead.net

Beacon online version screen grab

This work is interesting from a D. O. perspective because of the multiple versions, locations and formats. Which is the best one to archive in a repository? Should all iterations of it be listed in the repository record, or is it simply enough to acknowledge that the piece has happened multiple times in multiple locations and just choose to document one version more fully?

Currently on UCL Discovery with just title, author, date and item type ‘Other’.


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