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As we are researching ways of getting defiant objects into a repository type setting, it is part of my job to look at how artistic research outputs are being handled by other people. This journal states that it is an “international, online, Open Access and peer-reviewed journal for the identification, publication and dissemination of artistic research and its methodologies, from all arts disciplines.” so it should be worth a look.

It doesn’t have articles, it has ‘expositions’, which are presented in a way which can take a bit of getting used to, as they are not necessarily linear, but there is some interesting stuff here, and some beautiful artwork, such as Mr. Dodge: The Bibliography Raincoat by Sarah Alford. The research and background to these artworks is as important to capture and showcase as the works themselves.  I will be interested to see what metadata are being used for these expositions on the accompanying Research Catalogue.

Screenshot of the front page of the Journal for Artistic Research


In 2009, we produced a guide to file formats for the Media Working Group. The following requirements were taken into account

I Web-delivery: files need to be easily viewed in browser, this pertains both to bandwidth issues (which affects the time it takes to view objects) and wider support (some formats require plug-ins to be viewed in browsers)

I Open standards: non-proprietary formats are preferred as software vendors can go out of business, start charging for certain usage, also proprietary formats can be patent-encumbered

I Compliance with IR funding bodies

I Preservation: formats should be easily migrated and normalised to preservation standard

To do download the PDF click Overview of file formats.

Visualising the metadata universe by Jenn Riley (content) and Devin Becker (design). Copyright Jenn Riley.

This is a neat and good-looking overview of the metadata standards in the cultural heritage sector. We’ll shortly be reviewing this with a view to drawing lessons for defiant objects. The full scale PDF and glossary can be found on here